Any jobs that are posted that match your business will appear here.


This page contains everything from your business description, your contact details, social media links, websites address, email address, company logo and images.

It is important to provide a detailed description of your business along with as many images as you can within your plan limit. The more detailed your page, the more attractive it will look which will appeal to your target audience.


On this page you will see what plan you are currently on, what is included in your plan and options to upgrade or downgrade.

Free membership – You will receive as basic listing page, up to 5 images, a google maps location, social links, and reviews section.

Enhanced listing – You will receive a detailed business page, up to 10 images, a good maps location, social media links, reviews section, use the jollified logo and receive 10 free credits every month.

Premium listing – You will receive a detailed business page, up to 10 images, a good maps location, social media links, reviews section, questions, and answers section, use the jollified logo and receive 20 free credits every month.


Here is where you can add and update payment method for your membership and/or credits.


When you join Jollify, you would have chosen at least one category for your business, such as cake artist, balloon artist, entertainer etc. Each category has a several subcategories or skills. These subcategories or skills can be updated at any time by simply selecting “add a skill” or removing a skill by clicking the red cross next to each skill from your list of current skills.

If you wish to add more skills from another business category, you can do this by selecting “Account Details”. On this page, you will need to select “Your business category”, where you can add more categories.

Once you’ve added a new category click “update” then head back to “my skills”. You should now be able to add more subcategories for your business.


Any jobs that you have purchased or have been assigned to you will appear here. This will be your job history and will contact information for your clients.


If a job is posted that matches with your category and skills, you will receive an email to alert you. If you are on a paid plan, you will be able to access the job immediately and provide a quote to your potential client.

If you are on the free membership, you will need to purchase credits to access their contact information.

1 Job is 2 credits.

Each credit is just £1.


Any jobs that you have saved will appear here.


If you wish to show a verification tick on your profile page, you will need to verify your ID. This shows our clients that the business owner has been verified and has taken the time to authenticate themselves.

To upload your ID, select the “upload” button, select your image, and select “update”. It usually takes less than a few hours for us to verify you ID.


This is your business page as seen by our users.


You will notice new businesses joining Jollified every week. If you would like your business to feature above everyone in your business category, you can use the “boost company” feature.

Every time a user searches for a category, your business will automatically appear at the top of the list. You can choose to appear for 3 days, 7 days or 30 days.

If you would like to appear for longer, please email


Anyone who hires you or uses your services, will be able to provide you with a review.

You can view and comment on any review that is added to your page.


If you have an enhanced or premium listing, you will be able to add questions and answers.

This will help users know more about your business, what services you provide, your business hours, how far your travel, your prices etc.

If you have any questions, please email